[Stream] Careless x L:LULO – HOCUS POCUS EP

We always like to see new music from Careless even though they are few and far between but it doesn’t mean he isn’t working and to show that he has linked up with Dj & producer L:LULO to give us a joint EP and given us the first single and the title track of the EP Hocus Pocus:

This one is pure garage vibes and you will bubble and it will always have you think how is the rest of the EP going to sound and the man who truly lives by his name floats through this and you get some great shots in the visual.

We will continue to take in the project in real time as they released it on Thursday and we find out its a two pack and the other song is motions and its like a careless you have never heard like he has levelled up and gave us a dose of his lyrical content letting you know that when he drops its a big wave and nothing generic.

A two hit combo to respect! A 4/5 Certified Stamped EP

Listen here and see how the both do together

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