[Stream] Che Lingo – My Block

As he gears up to tour alongside Ghetts and on the day he announced newly signed deal with 7Wallace this single Che Lingo has dropped makes him reminisce on what he is and was subject to and with that shows that he wants to talk about issues that stem further than just his block and many listeners will relate to.

On the drop of the track he states:

I’m no badboy, but I’m a grinder. I’ve been a victim without the heart to retaliate on these blocks and saught revenge on these blocks, I’ve been ridiculed to the point of reclusion on these blocks because of how I looked, I’ve walked away from, and came back to these blocks, loved and lost on these blocks not to mention been cut, bruised, held kicks, punches and thrown more than I can count on these blocks and all to defend a person I didn’t even know how to be yet. I’ve laughed till my stomach and cheeks ache on these blocks, made family and buried friends from these blocks and loads of people I know have experienced the same for better or worse. I think where and how you grew up is important and I’ll never forget or love these blocks any less. They moulded a big part of me so I’m proud of these blocks and the people from them. It’s just now I know I’ve got the power to tell more than just the story of these blocks…lets start here though; with my people and #MYBLOCK

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