[Stream] Ojerime – Empty

Ojerime was truly battling something tough and even though she had low moments she created this from it and as she released this she gave us this message:

Never have I had so much fear and anxiety built up. Empty was written during what has been brewing up for a while, my breakdown. for the past two years, I’ve been unknowingly seriously mentally ill, I reached my breaking point in April ’19 and went out of control as a result of overworking, overthinking and holding the weight of the world around me. this song was the last song recorded during my meltdown, I actually leaked it twice in all the madness. ironically, a friend motivated me because I was terribly low hours before recording this song and I’m proud of the result as well as thankful to him. It shows that even at my worst I can produce my best. As unfortunate as my breakdown played out, I don’t underrate it’s positive power. I needed it as a reset, to feel renewed and I can say I know life.

I understand mental health that little bit more, I understand the trickery of the mind that little bit more (because I thought I was fine) and I know God that little bit more. this experience taught me that 99% of the people around me wouldn’t know what to do when confronted with a mentally Ill friend but you’d think they do from their online presence lol. to all the people that genuinely supported me unconditionally, I return that love X infinity. everyday isn’t a bed of roses unfortunately, but I am still healing + fueled by gratitude.

please enjoy this track and understand it means the world to me to be back. to anyone else going through it, I’ve already sent a prayer for your healing. please open up to your closest, you are important.

Ojerime via Instagram

You can truly create art in times of distress and this is what she came with.

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