[Stream] Rachel Foxx – Be Mine

While currently on her UK tour Rachel Foxx reminds us that music can come at anytime and gives us another single in the build up to her next project. Staying in her emotions and getting all that listen in their feels, another great song for this time of the year.   

Talking on the making of the record Rachel says

“This song is about longing for someone…”I wrote ‘be mine’ when I was in the studio with Jarreau. we literally met that day and we were talking about life, being on tour, being busy all the time etc. Thats why I say ‘you’re always away from me’ I’m talking about loving someone from a distance because we don’t get to be close like how I want to be. And its frustrating…. always. I talk about having a connection thats more than physical but when you never get to see each other you can feel helpless and unfulfilled.”

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