[Stream & Review] Ella Mai – CHANGE EP

Ella Mai, A name to get used too! The London vocalist and talented singer has released her latest EP Titled Change.


Ella Mai was discovered by Compton native Producer and DJ extraordinaire DJ Mustard; Ella Mai is signed to his 10 Summers Music Label.

No stranger to releasing great music, in 2015 she released 2nd project under the label the EP titled CHANGE, following up from the debut Time which was released earlier in 2016. Her latest EP is what has stamped her mark and given her notoriety on both sides of the pond, her EP CHANGE. Released on the 17th of November, Change features the songs Down, Who Knew, 10,000 Hours, Lay Up and Found.

The popular London beauty has a huge social media following and presence, with over 266k followers on Instagram. Her numbers on YouTube is also something a new artist can only desire, her song She Don’t which features Producer/Writer/Singer and all round super talent TyDollar$ign.

Ella Mai continues to capture her audience, interest in the new artist is at an all-time high. Beauty is only one aspect of who she is, her voice is extremely mesmerising and captivating, the talented singer has a very rare yet raw voice. Her look is very natural, with a tomboy but girly style. The fresh-faced singer is effortlessly stunning and very relatable. With Ella Mai you get a senses that it is all about the music, which is refreshing!

Her voice throughout the EP is effortless and breath-taking. Ella Mai is a skilful singer; she shows range from singing in her falsetto to low tones and showing depth with her vocals.  Even though she sings in a distinctive American accent, she has a few skits in between songs where you hear her speaking in her raw London accent which is refreshing and adds an additional element and character to her songs.

All 5 songs on Change are passionate, emotionally rich and have a relatable and extremely rich narrative to it. With Mustard on the Beat you’re sure to get songs that are danceable, banging and energetic, and Change does not disappoint!  There is a range of sounds and beats but all fitting to the emotions and rawness of Ella’s voice and lyrical content.

The EP was conceptualised very well, from the topics and lyrics to the storylines in its entirety. Ella Mai sung with passion and emotion, you can easily get lost in the realness and rawness. An EP that will take you on a journey that is relatable to every human being! If you have been in love, or had strong feeling for a certain somebody Change is for you! Lyrically this EP tackles the emotional rollercoaster of love, doubt, the what ifs, working towards fixing a relationship that is broken, being in love with someone more than you are in love with yourself, toxic relationship etc. The list is endless!

Ella Mai is an artist to keep your eye on! The young beauty is a very talented vocalist and singer. She is a positive and refreshing sound that has been injected into the scene who brings a realness and rawness to storytelling through her beautiful vocals.


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