[Stream & Review] Lauren Ackie – Genesis EP

The UK Soul and R&B scene continues to thrive with a plethora of emerging talent, another artist to add to the list is beauty Lauren Ackie who continues to ride the wave of musical excellence.
Lauren Ackie is a talent to watch out for! Vocally you are drawn in by her beautiful voice, its soothing sounds accompanied by her harmonies, definitely worth listening to her.
Her latest release is the EP titled Genesis. Genesis consists of the songs Drowning (which you can listen below), Take It, You Give Me, Calling You, I Need You, Love Me & finally Escape.

Genesis is outstanding! Vocally, throughout the project she is mesmerizing, her harmonies and the way she is able to convey her beautiful messages of love through her music is a talent on its own. Every song on Genesis is amazing! Soothing vocals, an easy listen, when you’re listening to each song make sure you can feel every vocal that she blesses you with. I can usually pinpoint a favorite track when I hear a project but I loved each and every one!
Every song in this EP is filled with enticing vocals and are emotive driven. There is a true feeling of pure understanding and being taken through a journey of love and discovery.
The simplicity of Genesis is what makes it standout!
Listen to Genesis below

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