[Stream] Seinna & Scientific – Kimchi

The producer and rapper from two different parts of the world come together for the third single together and first off their joint EP and Kimchi shows the synergy built in the music they make and with Seinna focusing on the lyrics being ones you can relate and understand, Scientific making sure that he hones in and levels up the quality in his production with every release and with the message Seinna has for this, its a statement.

Seinna isn’t happy with the lack of substance in rap and its definitely a topic that many that are lyrical feel a way about, and lets us know that he has a flow an lyrical strength that holds substance.

We spoke to Seinna about rap and what his early 2020 release will be about:

Seinna, you seem to have found a stride with the production of Scientific. What is is about the beats he puts in front of that makes you flow a lot more freely?

Each piece we have put together serves a purpose. That is to build a picture of who we are. We have a really good chemistry and a common appreciation of each others style. The music that we have birthed is as a result of Scientific being able to capture the essence of the assertions I needed to make at various points in time. Much of Scientifics production allows space for evolution and transformation. Those are key to the ideas I was keen on embedding in our work.

Already in 2020 mode as we get the project early next year, with everyone working toward making a huge impact next year what does it signify for you?

The turn of the year is exciting but we consider that to be just a matter of circumstance. For us, it’s more about connecting with people through the art itself whenever that is and hopefully that transcends time and geographical boundaries. Personal success looks different for everyone, although there will be things that are generally viewed as a triumph by the majority. A lot of the music has been made because we needed to make it for us, therefore, success is that same music resonating with whoever. We just want to leave a mark, but the right mark that represents us.

Do you have a title and theme for the upcoming project?

The project title will be revealed at some point soon, we don’t want to give too much away before we have readied you to consume it. To give a flavour of the themes – it’s an insight into what we can both do whilst also being an insight into our principles both musically and in our approaches to life.

For now enjoy Kimchi:

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