[Stream] The Loosies Project Vol 1

The recent events surrounding Covid-19 have brought about precarious and confusing times for musicians. As a result we felt that it was necessary to come together as a community and continue our individual pursuits as a collective.

Internally we want to remain creative and open to collaboration and experimentation; Externally we want to convey a very important message: when the world crumbles as we know it – art will continue; and so too then, will artists.

This was the message as the first volume of the Loosies project was dropped. Artists and producers linking up together and providing a vibe and normally a link up like this would take a lot of work and a lot of egos will be the clash but together; Kin Kai, Cay Caleb, Lex Amor, Temesgen Samuel, Rei Sky, Suelily, Eklipse, Dani Sofiya, Richie Saps, Ayeisha Raquel, TINYMAN, Intalekt & RKay, SMOKINGINDOORS, Kieron Boothe, Lysser, Catherine Sera, Scott Xylo, Dips, Udo & KamQu have shown that above everything the art is the most important and when that is the focus you can enjoy it like this.

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