[Stream x Download] 0790Music – +44(0790)

0790Music present debut release: +44(0790) EP. The beat-tape features soulful head bopping production from SVMMO & Blakie and music collective Earbud who have the majority of this project.


+44 fuses the foundations of Grime with the essence of the polyphonic ringtone as singles like Pattern and Popping Candy bouncing through the essence of Pirate radio and if you had a old school nokia you would definitely be tryingto have one of these tracks as your ringtones if they dropped back in the day .

The most recognisable beat was Dem Way Der, which featured on Frisco’s Pirate Radio documentary and the nostalgic sounds is what captures the heartbeat of what 0790Music is all about.


Stream the project in full here via Apple Music


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