[Stream x Download] Lemzi – Autumnal Aura EP

Lemzi uses real life and what has he has seen recently over the last couple years and poured into his EP Autumnal Aura. The hip hop style attached to the topics definitely give the tracks depth especially with tracks such as Across the Pond/Close to home touching on the unlawful killing of innocent black men & women and even his outburst which is how many feel sometimes is good to just hear it and relate to the feeling!

One of the standout tracks is Importance where its something that a creative especially an artist will do and nowadays its hard to even share your art but to put it in a track is very bold but the boldness makes this project unique in its own right!

You can see that Lemzi isn’t trying to follow status quo and be part of the current wave but isn’t afraid to do his own thing and be expressive

You can stream it in full below and you can download it here

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