[Stream x Review] 169 – Seasons EP

When the world first heard of the quote ‘169 you feel me’ a huge scale it was through Dave and JKL+HYD and as his success grew so did the want for production from him however it never deterred him from his original plan and that was him putting out great music himself. So locking himself in the studio allowed him to focus and understand how he wanted to debut as an artist himself.

He has given us vocals throughout his debut, Seasons in a trapsoul manner and its a true calming project talking on his success chasing his dreams and the people who have supported from the start, and of course the female attention that him and his talent has brought and you can hear that in the confident manner that Tenderoni sounds.

Also making sure that he taps into different styles of his vocal range we get a song that you will dance through the clubs with Squeeze for the ladies to get bad to. Also a song like Energy shows that he truly experimented with the vocal range he had and showed that his voice ca take you places and I’m sure with the guidance of someone like Fraser T Smith he was able to learn more on himself as an artist and a producer.

It was a great twist to see Dave as a feature on this project and outside of that the features from J-Go, Tekks Sinatra & Reid were very subtle and wasn’t out of place.


Certified Stamps: 3/5

This project was a great intro to the voice of 169 he definitely honed in a tone and had a theme throughout this project. He developed his production and knew who his target audience was when listening to these tracks.

You either see him in the studio or listening to the track in his car and that shows exactly how he want you to take in his music, from headphones to your car journey when you hear that tagline its a track you are going to feel!


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