[Stream x Review] 808INK – Noisy Neighbours

We have had an album from 808INK every year since 2015, except 2017 and even then they made it up to us giving us two in 2018 and with the success they have had internationally and also ventures they have taken alongside the music including their newest party night Bigga Dance, the music they create is only going to come through more and more every day and the title of Noisy Neighbours makes sense because whoever is next door to these guys when putting together this album you can guarantee they felt the music through the walls.

Photography by Kevin Cheung

The 808ink sound is one you will hear throughout their discography and with this record they really are focused on how you receive the sounds and more importantly the production, its like they made that the focus. But the catchy one lines and chorus’ are the lyrics you’ll her clearly.

The songs are definitely one for the dance and even putting a song like Last train to Bigga Dance shows that integration they wish to have with their  music and the event, they actually want you to dance! Sexy bass filled vibes as well as the feature list minimum but affective in IDEH, Le Grand GDR, Jay Prince and a constant appearance of BlazeYL all adding style flair and finesse. 

Songs that have nostalgic and current sounds that will trigger you instantly to one liners repeating itself that it will be stuck in your head and they definitely took a different approach with this and those that are long time fans will see how they took their appreciation in the production and mastering and create another element of feel good music. As Noisy as they are this 4/5 Certified Stamped album will make you move and make sure you don’t miss that last train to Bigga Dance 

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