[Stream x Review] 808INK – When I’m about you’ll know 2

808Ink the bring the energy and that sound that makes you want to flex and dance decided that it they should end the year how they are started with that Lundun sound.

In full belief of this music the campaign was clear, this is the album of the year! They have seen their music expand to the point of them touring all over the Europe and stateside and on the brink of them going on tour once again it was only right they should be proud and stand by that statement.

We know that the vocals and production was going to be clear and loud and in a way that you can appreciate the effort down tot he final mix by Sanus Hao.

Energy is the theme for their 4th studio album and what is meant by energy is if they felt angry you will feel it, if it was for the ladies to vibe to it will be felt. Its unapologetic and every supporter loves that.

With energetic songs like Continue & laid back vibes like Cookie jar, Busy Signals, Know Say, Risk It and nostalgic inspirational sample placed in Blessed Up almost sounds like they got a summer banger ready for 2019 as they did say so you guys should catch up.

Features are minimal but close to home in Prynce Mini, Sam Wise and another feature spot for Kojey Radical 

We already got singles from the album in Sol, I feel the love, Gummy Bears, 3 piece Suit so they were tuning us and preparing us for this album and shown that the quality was consistent throughout and could have dropped anything.

As always they deliver a body of great music and once again show how to utilise the enhancement in everything from fanbase to new sounds and with the last one being 4/5 Stamps this one should  receive 5/5, Salute Charmer & Mumblez!

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