[Stream x Review] A2 – All Spill

Every time that A2 has a major release or a big moment the weather drastically changes This is a fact! So the sudden shower you had during the hottest day of the year was an indication that All Spill was around the corner and this release of new music is now under his own label, Them vs Us. We always know that his music is one type that will keep you in a zone. This one is no different. 

Sounding like he lived in studio to give us these eleven tracks and we get the same potent mixture of quotable lyrics, vocals and production that will make you unwind after a long day of the hustle, whatever it is.

This one shows him a lot more in his feels than normal and focused on women throughout and you can tell that played a part in how he was going to deliver this music. As well as making the music something that will have all repeating a lot of the lines and hooks back.

Two features from people he keeps very close to him in JJ & Dotty and they fit the project nicely and you’ll find a song for a type of feel throughout, and they play a part in the feels they are portraying.

The production selection was very key and shows the importance of finding your own sound and he has done that confidently that he even dropped a sound pack for you to appreciate it.

Watch the video for Renegade:

A lot of lyrical venting, because we rarely hear much from him and even hearing it in the song Clearly which will be one that many know A2 for giving us in his music.

All Spill earns 4/5 Certified Stamps for a project that a lot of women will enjoy pressing play to and also that it will be part of your wind down for the evening, A2 provides a vibe that is unique and will make you listen throughout. You probably wont hear from him until the weather gets cold again to enjoy the spill

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