[Stream x Review] A2 – BLUE

As a fan of A2 I felt that I wanted to review this project personally as I have been definitely waiting for this. I remember first listening to A2 and interesting enough a female played it to me through the aux of the car and sang GOLD word for word and it was just a vibe and telling me that ‘this guy is to cold’, and ended up listening to his whole discography and his lyrics was filled with real talk and the independence and confidence in his music was commendable because there isn’t one person I have met since that moment that I’ve introduced his music was a fan and is definitely constant feature through the website.

He is one of my favourite artists of all time and is in a space of his own, no noise no politics and probably one of the real ones when it comes to this music game full of noise and gimmicks and he has only enhanced his sound when creating, learning everyday and is apparent in his production.

Photo by Blaow

The enigma has had fans fixed on his rare appearances and hypnotic music for years throughout soundcloud and with projects filled with self-made music, gaining so much clout we were waiting of his latest offering BLUE as his debut project under the Disturbing London Label. Whenever winter comes or the weather drops or a teaser track was given to us, know that was a gentle reminder that it was coming and that statement was confirmed when the day we got the project in full it snowed.

‘Destined for greatness’

BLUE started in the most London way possible, with a sound of an underground train and you knew that the was going to be a journey and giving that classic one line flow and the theme of this project is clear

With women and the conversations and encounters he has with them being a strong focus of his music we had vibes and its music you will have in the background but you don’t realised you have learned the words subconsciously.

With most of the production done by A2 himself, Clonez & GTANK and a moment as he co-produces with the legendary Wondergurl and was able to create some real trippy vibes and gave us classics along with the new and the favourites.

With only two features in 6lack (Pronounced Black) and Thea Gaijc as always there to show that poetic combination.

His music is something I believe truly speaks for itself and if it wasn’t for his content, you wouldn’t know his day-to-day as a young black successful South London creative that has seen his music touch so many.

If you haven’t listened to an A2 track I urge you to, he is a very honest and focused individual, his talent is shown from track one and although I tend to notice a lot of women prefer his music but any that is a realist will appreciate the music given to you, just zone out and listen to some of the many lyrics that have you in total agreement

To A2, Congrats to you and your team on getting this to the people and you made a lot of fans happy and hope you enjoy the moment.

Watch the

Watch the Blue Winter’s Only Winner Short Film

Winter is truly here.

This project gets a solid 4/5 Certified Stamps because of its musical content, production, the way he didn’t compromise his sound and the confidence in every song, truly destined for greatness!

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