[Stream x Review] Afronaut Zu – Melanalia

Take a journey with Afronaut Zu on his debut EP a new spaced out and soulful vibe mixed together and when Zu wants to hit that note that you feel rattle your soul off the power and he truly gives a message with his music making you truly understand the greatness in his heritage and makes you realise the beauty in his black excellence.

Tracks that focus on killing of black youth and individuals that he has seen try to forget about him and has him in shock like OH MY GOD and at the same time twenty-three minutes celebrating the power and attraction that his bring brings. With features from artists he is personal fans of including producer Xvr Blck, Levelle London, CHRISTOPHER BLXCC, Levi & Shredda and Peter Badejo

It’s great to get a project from who we know personally as Zulu as his voice was always special and this one is definitely a milestone to how he music has grown.

Certified Stamps: 4/5 It’s like he has come from the future to remind you to never forget your past through his music and every true note is facts. A great debut project from the Afronaut.

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