[Stream x Review] AJ Tracey – AJ Tracey

Being founded in West London it would only be right to show love and dive into to AJ Tracey and his self titled album.

The position he has put himself in has seen his projects & singles make big waves and having his label and label mates grow in their own individual ways; whatever genre he steps in when in the booth he comes out and leaves his mark and his first full official record he is enjoying and reaping the benefits of all the work up until now. Which include a 100% sold out tour.

Getting into the album you can see he has made sure that the hooks he brings stay catchy and will make the songs full tracks so we get a a lot more 4 minute type songs than the short 2 minutes which many have adapted to give us quick hits, he wants you to enjoy the songs fully.

A lot of the time it may be as though all he is talking is the materialistic but as an artist what is success with a little flex? Even the tracklist shows you that he has adapted the luxury lifestyle.

Of course he isn’t shy to talk on the ladies we get a third instalment to his wifey riddim and shows that his charisma has him in the space to do so and even shows how his success amplified his demand!

Different genres ride all through and from grime, hip hop, wave music, tunes for the women and isn’t caring on how people box him and his music and the production is just as widely ranged.

One of the stand out tracks is Ladbroke Grove dedicated to his part of town and will be a guaranteed summer banger and expect to hear this one a lot and the garage production behind the lyrics will fall almost nostalgic and will be a fan favourite in no time.

A Giggs verse in your project is always a nice complement especially a debut one and you can feel the energy pick to toward the end also from that point also.

In an interview AJ Tracey called himself a GOAT and as everyone should feel that with their music he whole heartedly wanted to probe that in this album, hitting as many genres he can and he personally enjoys with the mystery of where he could
go next with his music and the solid album get him a solid 3.5/5 Certified Stamps

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