[Stream x Review] Ajia – VISIONS EP

We have truly grown with the journey of Ajia as she went through the ranks of our introducing section giving us Real Love as her debut single and keeping up with every release as the build up to her debut EP. The South East Londoner wants you to truly understand her soul when she is singing and Visons shows her appreciation for the old school R&B and makes it modern day classics with these collections of songs.

The six tracks truly allows her to make you a fan of her voice and also understand that she intends to be a voice you appreciate when the discussion of R&B is discussed.

From an energetic opening it let you know that she isn’t here for no hype and wants you to just enjoy your time while you can and you can hear the influence of her being in her church choir in her younger years.

We already got to listen to Flavours & Real Love in the build up to the release and the tone was very soulful throughout and the title track was a very deep track and really truly pushed her voice and gave us falsetto tones that will make you sing visions along with her.

She bosses up truly in her outro track letting you know she is so good and she doesn’t need no stress from anyone.

Certified Stamps: 3.5/5

It’s a great introduction to Ajia and her music in full as a project and its truly a way to appreciate soulful R&B as she has taken the time to give us this, and with all the R&B appreciated in the country more and more as the days pass it’s a great addition to the collection

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