[Stream x Review] Ama Lou – DDD

Ama Lou really gave us her soul throughout this project. DDD standing for DawnDayDusk shows three tracks filled with emotion and a lot of passion in three tones. When you listen to this in full it makes you think this is real movie soundtrack music and its only fitting that she turned the project into a short film showing those emotions and with Ama as the director & lead and the film shot by her sis Mahalia John.

Photography by harry Bradshaw

The film is a tryptic of visual parts that accompany the soundtrack of the three-part ‘DDD’ EP by Ama Lou. The film follows a younger in a Los Angeles crime ring and their journey over the course of a single day, which was very carefully shot and you appreciate it all frame by frame.

A very cool concept and the film makes you want to listen to DDD all over again so after you enjoy the feature presentation listen to the soundtrack in full.

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