[Stream x Review] Ara Harmonic – Bad Habits EP

In her debut project, Ara Harmonic displays her skills in just four tracks. The way she uniquely uses her voice through self production in a very minimal but progressive way is something she takes pride in when creating music.
Using topics that relate and affected her personally throughout, a girl out there will hear a song like Size 10 and connect to it and feel like someone understands her.

Photography by Poetcurious

A very open and honest body of work allowing flaws to motivate her art.
We talked with Ara about this EP after the listen and even her own bad habits:

These are all stories you have produced and performed what will we learn about you listening to this debut EP?

You will learn that I have a very unique style and sound. I’m very sensitive and I suffer in silence a lot, you can hear it in my lyrics. I think that will shock people, I’m very good at putting a strong image out to the world.

You use your vocals in many ways not just with the lyrics why was that very important for you?

I make a lot of my songs on the loop pedal. I start with melodies just looping harmonies until it makes sense. When I sing live the audience react the most to me looping, I think they find it more personal. I wanted to keep the essence, I know that’s where my strength lies and i know i have an ability to carry a song based of what i’m saying and not a catchy beat. I really want people to take in what i’m singing about, as much as i’m proud if what I have produced, I want you to hear my voice and lyrics first.

What are some of your own bad habits?

I summed up my worst habits in track 3 ‘Bad Habits’ – not being my own friend. I am my own worst enemy, I kill myself with self-doubt, I don’t praise myself enough, I compare myself to others at an unhealthy rate and I don’t tell myself i’m beautiful enough. Which is why the EP got the title, i’m working on this, i’m working on myself. This project has allowed me to really look at myself and what i’m capable of doing and for that I’m so proud of myself.

The message in this project is powerful and the music definitely is a good listen and as her first project secured 3.5/5 Certified Stamps!

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