[Stream x Review] Avelino – No B******T

The last project we got from Avelino was F.Y.O and that was clear as day what that impact was and then young fire made sure he never has a lacklustre verse and even to the point he revived the vintage F64 just to make sure he gave a cold verse for that platform. Now with the official sound of the global FIFA 18 Avelino couldn’t be in a greater position because this playlist as he stated is the ‘sound of today’s Avelino’.

From second one we get the punchlines, double entendres and the complex simplicity of Avelino’s mind its like he can see the lyrics in so many ways and pulls and pushes it the way he wants and sit on the song perfectly. We get more vocals from him also in tracks like 1 in a million and Sweet Luv and you can see that this playlist has diversity to make sure everyone has favourites fans and musical peers alike.

A track that stands out is No Such Things that chopped up sound in the chorus really adds to the vibe and will catch you and will have your head bopping so calmly.

The conversation he is having with DJ Semtex throughout the 33 minute playlist sets the tone for you to understand that the thought process can vary from his past lifestyle, the growth in his stardom, the amount of ladies that enjoy his presence and music now, where the old lifestyle would have taken him and of course and most importantly; the greatness level he is trying to exceed.

‘Avelino is my last name, making sure it’s a household name’




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