[Stream X Review] Barney Artist – Bikes are Bikes

In my opinion he’s one of the most underrated and talented artists we have here in London. Barney Artist had a great 2018 dropping his debut album “Home Is Where The Art Is” which made it into our top ten projects last year deservedly. Fast-forward a year and he’s followed up with ‘Bikes Are Bikes’ the 7-track EP which is his first release on his own label Banana Bus Records.

Photography by RYAN SARADJOLA

No one sounds like Barney, like, at all. That’s what makes him very special, from the tone of his voice when he raps and strings verses together. His soulful beat selection and mellow singing really place him in his own lane.

“Calm Down” is the lead track from the EP which is a head bopper, straight up. The hook is playful and will most certainly remain firmly in your head as he tells us the story of a drunken infatuation. The theme sustained in Bikes are Bikes seems to be that of a personal tone from the content of Barney’s more of that is shown on “Leave It All”, one of the standout tracks where he raps about a complicated situationship where things seems to be one sided.

Finally, without a doubt the best track on the album “Fall Away”. Which on its first listen gave me goosebumps. On a sombre beat, Barney opens up in full about the stress of being an artist, anxiety and also his close relationship with his little sister – It’s moving to say the least.

In all honesty I just can’t understand why Barney Artist is as underrated as he his. He has two extremely solid bodies of work under his belt in the past year alone and hopefully doesn’t slow down at all. His artistry, lyrical content and beat selections shows someone that really cares about their craft. That is displayed in the personal EP that is Bikes are Bikes and gets a Certified 4/5 stamps from me.

Stream the EP and let us know whether you agree !

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