[Stream x Review] BIG ZUU – Content with Content

West London’s Big Zuu has his eyes on the prize this year and with his second project of the year and this mixtape title is clear as day what it’s representing. Content with content means what exactly what it reads, and Zuu prides himself off making sure that he isn’t just talking for the sake of it, Its substance he brings in Grime. If you haven’t got that already you aren’t paying attention.


photo by Marc Sethi


These songs show a lot more vocals from Big Zuu now and is making sure that the Hooks are a catchy as the flows and he was very selective but impactful and with JME , P Money and Craig David as the features it’s a truly UK represented project.

If you want to talk about bars, lets talk bars! Not many can rally with Big Zuu and what Zuu can put into a song is truly impressive and you can tell that now given this opportunity the only thing he thinks when he is in front of the mic is shell!

We have had singles in the build up to this such as B.I.G, Vision, No Breaks and Fall Off which visually looked like he is also having fun with the music, which is just as important.

As the singles have been a great build up and the growth of Big Zuu is as powerful as the growth in his hair and the 4/5 Stamps given to this mixtape shows that Grime can never be dead with an artist like this pushing this content.


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