[Stream x Review] Big Zuu – We Will Walk EP

The energy Big Zuu has given us has been one that shows that he is proud of every move made up to this point and with each release you understand his mission to make sure anytime he picks up the mic its an impactful shelling and this EP has been the build up for a while now and he stands very strong for what he believes in regardless of where it has taken him and it has taken him all around the world and even to the champions league final to see his team lift it. 

Photography by Kareem Jamal

We Will Walk, however is music that holds purpose and inspiration for those that get looked over and looked down on and even stereotyped and its something he achieved with these songs.

We have had three singles already in Say No, We will walk featuring Souls and more recently The Struggle, and the two songs given on top, show the the journey to whatever you wish to achieve can be achieved regardless of the starting point.

Watch the video to So Blessed

Passion, pain and enlightenment is heard throughout this project and its one of the most impactful for the year and if you do listen to it, you will understand why its a 4/5 Certified Stamped project.

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