[Stream x Review] Bobii Lewis – Blind In The Summer

Bobii Lewis has been been working on his debut project for the longest time and honestly ever since being such a pivotal part of Wretch 32’s & Avelino’s Young Fire, Old Flame he has many eyes on him and and then showed that he can stand on his own by putting out a couple singles and one that go so much love was Day by Day which hit 150k plays and counting. Now he has released his debut project called Blind In The Summer (B.I.T.S) and he does BITS in this indeed!

The project starts with him in studio along side friends and musical comrades such as Mike Keys and as he is just vibing away with a calming melody there are conversations and many coming in the studio about to take in what Bobii is about to to and lets you in.

This is what Bobii does in studio, just work hard and create great music with some great people and this project not only has great production from friend and main producer of the tape KZ but has some amazing features from Stefflon Don, Wretch 32, WSTRN member Hailie and a new name in Janiece providing vibes on a track too. All bringing something to the tape in their own way and its great to see that two who are powerful in the vocals working on one track and it coming out very unique and organic!

Bobii shows his sound is defined and like many you hear from the UK and that R&B sound is very much celebrated in this tape and shows his passion in every track touching on something. The ladies will definitely take in the sound and will play this tape over and over as favourites such as Lovers & Friends & Day by Day will draw them in and surprises such as Solo & What To Do in the tape you will definitely have this tape on reply and will be rotated continuously!

Stream the EP here:

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