[Stream x Review] Cally – The Essex Dream Part 2

After his collab Pic n Mix EP with Boss Mischief and a few delays, we finally get what we’ve been waiting for, his hotly anticipated follow up to The Essex Dream. This body of work showcases Cally’s improvements as an MC and also his experimentalism. He’s not afraid to try things uncharacteristic from those labelled a ‘Grime MC’.  The EP is multidimensional, taking you through different genres of sounds, he talks a lot more in depth with our interview with him in 016 Cally fails to disappoint once more.



If you’ve never listened to Cally before this is a perfect introduction to his character.  Humour & good vibes.


Journey (Prod. Tom Misch)

Journey sees him team up with Tom Misch on the production which initially surprised me, normally known for his crude jokes and energetic style he approaches this track differently and lets you know about his own personal journey so far in his career. It is of a testimony to the trials and tribulations and that it’s changed him for the better.


Scars (Feat. Lydia Kitto)

More experimental with the track and giving you something to vibe with in this one. Lydia serenades us with a hypnotic verse throughout chorus. A late night track that will send you on a journey of reminiscence.


Grown Man Ting (Feat. Wax)

BARS this is what you wanted from him, for him to take in an instrumental and free it all off. Talking about the difference in the grown and the childish behavior. Wax also showing you level on what is grown man ting is with flows along side a catchy chorus.


Believer Ft Proton

 Personally one of my favourite tracks from the EP. This is a track that shows his versatility, it also distinguishes him as an artist from an MC. Proton provides aids Cally with some exquisite vocals and he proves again that he can give you bars and radio worthy hits.



 long-time friend and collaborator Maxsta provides his contribution to the EP through the form of production. We get a more ruthless Cally that’s telling you to leave the stunting & stop that acting.


Adjust and Go

This is more like a long interlude.  This is more of a vent and showing you that regardless of what he is going he is adjusting to life.



A grime track that is for the women but not for the O’s! Cally just showing he is a savage with it and if he don’t trust you he sending you home!



after dealing with them O’s he has found one that he can enjoy and it’s another one that gives off club vibes and Cally just wants to enjoy all these women. Greedy right?



Cally is all about good music, regardless of the genre and he also wants to enjoy what he does. Old school hip hop vibe that has you head bopping and he isn’t afraid to approach these types of tracks as he knows he has that versatility.


Ted 2

We got this track early and was a high energy, and it was something that dropped while he was making it and he just let loose with this one!  Classic Cally shelling the grime set.


Feeling Blue

Cally was always on the go and dealing with family his woman and he turned it into a garage reminiscing type of track. All reflection from pain and put states that grime saved his life.
Jezzy’s in my city

 the final track of the EP showing that he has fun in his city and there are naughty ones in the city and it’s just the comedic relatable style

You can stream Cally’s ‘The Essex Dream 2’ here:

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