[Stream x Review] Capo Lee & Sir Spyro – Stop Talk EP

Since Capo Lee exploded into the Grime scene he has been touted as one to watch by Grime fans and legends alike. one of these legends being a name Grime heads throughout the world have praise for; Sir Spyro. The pair showed what they can produce when they team up on one of the best tracks from 2016 ; Mud.

So lets go track for track of the EP and take it in:

Bars Please

Capo starts the track and EP with a strong acapella with his distinctive flow before seamlessly overlapping a dark Sir Spyro beat. Capo Lee delivers what was advertised in the song title, no hook just straight bars.



The stand-out track on the EP along with Stop Talk.  When Capo gets going there are few that can match him, he comes through with style and finesse and his simple catchy hook will have you loudly reciting his lyrics.


Stop Talk

The lead track of the EP which seems to combine sounds of UKG with Grime but overall still sounds like a Grime tune that’d set off a rave. Sir Spyro’s production on this track fuels it with pure energy and he also assists with some vocals. Capo Lee’s ability to make a song and create excellent and memorable hooks continues on this track.


The Same

Capo’s telling us here that in the music scene there are a lot of people who may put on a facade in their music and be another way behind closed doors. He’s saying he is not one of those people and is the same everywhere he goes. Capo also tells us how life is good right now & how he doesn’t stress about losing fake friends.


Shatter (feat. Faze Miyake)

Faze Miyake aids the only feature on the EP as well as assisting on the track as co-producer with Sir Spyro. Capo demonstrates a number of different flows on this track, his verses are coherent and even manage to sound like hooks. The production on this track is what stands out the most, this track must be played at high volume only.



This track seems to have a different meaning to the other 5 on the EP. Capo is normally talking crud in his bars but here it’s switched up to themes of stress and pain. This is a very honest and bearing track from Capo as he tells you what he’s been through in terms of the music scene and also real life. The sombre Sir Spyro beat compliments the themes touched on by Capo.


Sir Spyro and Capo Lee have cemented the fact that the two collaborating together is absolute gold. They’re an unmatchable duo like Goku and Vegeta. Sir Spyro reaffirms beliefs that he is a legendary producer and DJ. Capo Lee displays his lyrical ability not only as an MC but as an artist. All in all a solid project and we hope to see many more future collaborations.


Listen in full here:


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