[Stream x Review] Cha:dy – My Feet On The Ground EP

Born and raised in the Parisian hood of France, talented singer Cha:dy moved to London to pursue her musical dreams. Influenced by iconic artist such as Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu and Adele, whom she credits for her Jazzy – Neo Soul – Pop sound.
Her name Cha:dy, is taken from the Arabic meaning “melodious”, which perfectly defines the singer/songwriter who recently graduated from the London music school BIMM; a university that also breaded popular acts Tom Odell and The Kooks
This rather tumultuous chapter of her life inspired the stories on her debut project ‘My Feet on The Ground’which was released back at the end of November.
My Feet on The Ground’ is a collection of four songs that tell the story soulfully of her London adventures as a young struggling foreigner musician, moving to a new city with big dreams of making it as an artist and finding love only to get hit by reality on the ground. Her soft and raspy voice cuts through like a knife on each track with a melancholic production.

Certified Stamps: 4/5

Her story telling throughout the 4 songs effortlessly capture the essence of her journey beautifully and melodically. And vocally she’s exceptional!
Stream ‘My Feet on The Ground’ below:

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