[Stream x Review] Che Lingo – Better Versions EP

Che Lingo push his EP date back as opportunity rose and he was able to apply last fine tuning, and a gig out in Paris he has given us the Better Versions EP.

Standing alone on the project you take in the lyricism and the experimentation with holding a not on the track.

The 4 tracks definitely have him showing is wordplay at his highest and him at his career best thus far. With two new song in Set Time & Never Smoke you can tell he has taken the art as a true job that he loves and know that overtime he touches the stage makes it memorable.

The ones that we have heard on the lead up, Stephanie’s Crib & Better Versions show his more song making skills and fit in nicely with the project especially in track position.

Good vibes & good energy thats what you gain from this EP

Stream in full

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