[Stream x Review] Che Lingo – Charisma EP

It’s interesting to see the growth of an artist from the music, the impact, the fanbase as naturally as the music catalogue grows also. We get a new EP from Che Lingo titled Charisma a message to show you that this is all he has, will and ever do and there is no point talking for the sake of talk but always give us thought with every release.

The lyrical talent is constantly on a  high level with metaphors and also bass thumping production when he wants to turn up or the calm settings to make you understand the theory behind his music.

With favourites like Black Girl Magic, his anthem to all melanin filled queens, moments that understand that we are all human and have low moments in Lower Frequencies and also that clap back track to all that didn’t believe in the hustle early but want to ride on waves now with same energy.

Watch the video game inspired version of him in the visual for the single

Loud and clear Che Lingo isn’t slowing down and his charisma will be present whenever you see or hear him.

Certified Stamps: 4/5 with all eyes on Che showing his charisma, the focus has been on him putting out a great representation of him at this current would of liked a couple new songs that we haven’t heard already, but the structure of him making great songs alone made you rate regardless.

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