[Stream x Review] Che Lingo – Sensitive EP

The growth Che Lingo witnessed in 2018 put him in a eyes of many and they jumped on our wave and started supporting him a lot more.
We saw Che build his fanbase organically, Nationally then internationally and pushed his mantra of ‘The Risk is Proof’ in full fledge.
This EP shows that he has built the most confidence mindset and when we got invited to listen to this EP at the end of 2018 one of the biggest statements he made was “there is strength in sensitivity”.

Photo by Francis Augusto

The seven songs are some you have heard and some you need to hear.

The songs you should know already are Feet your feelings, Mad Angle,  and honestly Circles was one of the most defining songs in Che’s discoggraphy as it put him in more of an artist and away from just the lyrical rapper he is known very well for.

Watch the video for Feet your feelings

But don’t get it twisted, you will hear bars all through and we also get him on global tracks with one of his dream collabs, Mick Jenkins in No Sidekicks.

Reasons and Be Careful are the two songs you need to hear and you get such an hones view on past women and situations and also shows that he isn’t afraid to make sure you his view is understood and respected.

The confidence and growth in Che Lingo’s artistry has now put him in a space where his confidence exudes without a doubt and tunes into his sensitivity and pushes it as so much strength and creativity has allowed him to deliver a 4/5 Certified Stamped project

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