[Stream x Review] COLL – Blue Magic EP

Norwich based artist Coll has been building us up to his debut EP giving us premieres to the first single Take it Slow and also promising a video for every track we get to listen to the Blue Magic EP in full.

He reminisces on all that he has seen throughout his life in his intro, talking about all of the family moments growing up and it may not be the best life but he had what he needed and everything that shaped him up to who he is today. Really rapping and putting it all out in this track.

Definitely drawing all his music from things in life he touches on a female that made an impact in his life titled My Rock and you can appreciate the story in full.

His style toward the end of the EP shows that he wanted to push his vocal side a lot giving us songs like So amazing, One Shot and Take it slow which already has a video.

3/5 Certified Stamps: A debut EP is a way to figure out your sound and he is doing that throughout the EP and pushing out of his home town and bringing music across is a big step. Take it in and hope that Norwich support him as he continues to rep

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