[Stream x Review] D.C. – Under The Influence

The bass in the voice of D.C has given us single after single in an slick and confident manner and with every drop we needed a body of work to best reflect him and his debut tape, Under The Influence shows that he has had a lot of influence from the city he is from and reveals a lot of things he has seen, felt and had to adjust for him to be in the position he can be in for us to get this first full project.

Photography by Sophie Jones

Flows throughout each track, over slick production and focuses on the stress and pressures the image of the city bring, women, the different routes he could have taken and even showing us his vocal range.

With no features on this one the focus is all him.

No one sounds like D.C. and honestly nobody can, fans of his music will be excited for this tape and if you haven’t heard of him this is the best example to showcase his talent, in this 4/5 Certified Stamped project

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