[Stream x Review] Dave – Game Over

Just over a year ago we got Dave give us his debut EP Six Paths and we got to see a full look into the mindset of the young and gifted Lyricist in a body of work.

It wasn’t long until we got Revenge the single and it was clear he wasn’t looking for respect he was looking for revenge for him and his friends. He hit great heights touring and hitting milestones people couldn’t deny and announced that ‘Prada boy was back’ but as he was going that he made sure that his platform was used well and got a direct message to the current prime minister and stated all facts and to what ever anyone said, know that a song like that from an act that young showed his wisdom and knowledge and knew that it wasn’t social media where he could have voiced this out and put it in a song and it definitely reached masses and hopefully was played in No. 10 Downing Street with bass.

This project showed the fun he has with his music and the boldness in what he is saying in his lyrics and punches that make sure your footy trivia is on 100. One thing we get a lot more of us his hook game, making sure that the vocals are appreciated and of course that piano work is incorporated in his story on how he met his ex. We got the visual to No words on the evening of the release, 7.30pm as usual Dave time and with the only feature on the track with Mo Stack which will definitely become a favourite in the tape as this is one of the top hooks and the verses they put together, you will be singing clear!

We get a story of his 19th birthday and talks on his different type of problems in his own neighbourhood and a blessing for him to tell his Mum he doesn’t have to work No more is every young persons dream

Game Over was another episode in to his life and it’s truly grown since his debut and honestly he is a product of amazing focused talent appreciate and will be here for a while and respected by so many globally. We need Dave in this music, honestly!

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