[Stream x Review] Dave – PSYCHODRAMA

This has to one of the most anticipated albums from any artist. We have seen Dave elevate through the ranks of freestyle video to big singles, his debut EP and having the biggest artist remix a great single a put him in new heights a follow-up in Game Over and a UK number one and Ivor Novello and every time we hear Dave speak in his music he makes sure there isn’t a wasted word.
This album will be a defining moment as this is something he has been waiting for and is it going to waste this opportunity only comes once which is your debut album he has titled PSYCHODRAMA and as it starts you understand the theme of the album as the sessions start.

Photography by Amzy obr

Psychodrama is a therapy session giving Dave tools and everything and anything that run through his mind from family, music, Money, success, women, his environment his upbringing to his current status and as it is therapy is he doesn’t hold back. Alongside a minimal and very exclusive amount of features from Burna Boy, J Hus & Ruelle add nice contrast every time one comes up.

We get his vocal talent and he has one that you will hear a lot also in voices as its one many should relate to, we get energy and that Santan flex in a song where he hails his hometown and is a big single and shows that the range his music can go from that to something like Black where he can get as culturally deep to them showing emotion in Purple heart and this.

A young man with such clarity and understanding that music is therapy as his life handles so much already, touching on topics that are deeper than him and possibly one of his best songs in Lesley which is an 11 minute story with a message that needs to be heard globally!

Watch the video to Location Ft. Burna Boy here

We get to hear a very personal and deep side of Dave, his relationship with his brother and to hear that voice tell him how proud he is shows a further motivation to why he is the artist he is today and vents to the fullest and completes it and even spins you in a next way sharing truths about the album.

Psychodrama my debut album is out now. I feel like my whole life’s been leading up to this one moment and I’m so happy and grateful that I can put out a project I’m this proud of. Blood, sweat, tears and sleepless nights went into this for years and again I just hope the world enjoys hearing my story. I hope you guys have as much fun listening to it as I did making it over the past year. Crazy love for everyone supporting cause I couldn’t have done it without you…. LETS GO! – Dave

Dave can confidently say this is a classic album. I believe you cannot find a fault in this album the big hits the statement pieces, the storyline, the personal touch, the production; lets us know this will be the first of many in his catalogue.
Its been amazing to listen as he has taken every step in his musical journey with confidence and conviction.
He showed the term music is therapy to the fullest extent.
5/5 Certified Stamps

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