[Stream x Review] Dotty – London X Living: A Collection of Sounds

This is the debut project from Dotty, forget all the noise you heard previously, rumours or gossip if there is something you need to know about him its all here in this he has called London x Living: A collection of sounds. Stories of what his life is like and the experiences he has been though. One thing looking at the track list was the length alone in the world that people enjoying giving music in small doses he decided you need the full collection and 14 tracks with true London voices through from hype, calming tones and lyrical content that will make truly rate the artistry of lyrical content.

Photography by Ray Fiasco

The project has a theme, from believing in himself to flexing on all that doubted him to knowing where he is about to and of course getting in his feels and of course it wouldn’t be a great project without a cold outro and with features throughout London you appreciate the story he is giving.

After a powerful intro featuring Charlie Rose the combination of Dotty of Rukhsana Merrise on Escape was truly a journey and it was a very honest and reflective song so very early in the project.  Berries sounds like a morning soundtrack for stoners and he truly calls out the girls now riding the wave ‘If you know me then whats my real name?’.

Just before the energy kicks in the voice message in the Jusco skit was funny as it was just a very proud moment to hear and the one thing said was ‘give thanks’ something many don’t do when seeing someone’s success building.

Songs like Bless & Gas which features Bonkaz shows that he can flex on you when he feels like it and shows that he has taken the lessons from the road and applied it in his music and shows that London Living is his new business.

We get a Just for the weekend and its one that shows that the women he has met have truly enjoyed the lifestyle he has brought to them and it may be fun but

Jealousy is a very personal one and its a conversation between him a woman and she isn’t happy with the lack of contact and the constant statement of ‘If you can’t handle me now, wait till I’m touring’ and even the message she leaves was definitely one to show that hurt people, hurt people.

We already had beautiful and him and Bobii Lewis truly showed appreciation to the beautiful women with the amazing souls that if she needed reminding this is the song to make sure you don’t forget.

Reminiscing on the childhood thoughts and past hustles and struggles him and CR Blacks truly talk the truth from a perspective some won’t and the young ones they are seeing now hopefully take in this message.

Some times the Change Up is a good thing and the chorus in this song will be a trigger to those that had teachers doubting them and telling them that you weren’t going to make the most out o yourself and the women that assume to know you but can never give proof and told a tough and honest stores and the lyrical flow was too powerful it had everyone in the studio had to rate it!

Another soulful voice in Shaé getting her own interlude shows how much Dotty appreciates the voice she has and just listening to it will put you in your feels in the lead up to Rollercoaster Love a story about ups and downs as any relationship would be like and if you have a good hear its the same production we got off of A2’s tell me freestyle and was a truly different vibe.

Like said earlier a cold outro would be the only fitting way to end a project like this and probably some of the hardest pills he has had to swallow in his life was in Back To Reality and one powerful line was ‘We living in the real world with so much actors’. Getting to touch on his older brother passing away and having a son he never knew till 18 and friends in jail this is truly him leaving it all on the last track.

4.5/5 Certified Stamps : This project states that the real is back and this project has everything you need to know about London lifestyle and the lessons learned as you grow and there may be set backs and progression but you cannot lose yourself as your account of the is one of the most valuable things to the future that looks onto you. He has owned his blessings and lessons and put it on this project and put it in a lyrical form that you can only appreciate and for a debut it couldn’t be a better first step!

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