[Stream x Review] E. Mak – Crack The Code 2

In the second of three parts of the trilogy E. Mak shows us that the music can still come through and even with a short break away and then giving us Minor it was like he was back in full flow.

Photography by Calvin Ceile

Talking about what is going on around him  in his hometown and the legacy he wants to leave for the next generation and also show that 6FM carry on winning in a major way.

Minimum but effective with the features once again, the tracks hold depth in bars but always makes sure there is a melodic vibe so each song does exactly what it’s there to do, especially Side by Side Ft. Ling Hussle.

Watch the video for Black & White Ft TE dness

Two projects organically created and pushed its great to see the freedom, the focus and now another great body of work added to the catalogue.

We know we are getting a third part, but appreciate this one as it’s a 4/5 Certified Stamped project take it in. 

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