[Stream x Review] Emmavie – Honeymoon

A debut that has been anticipated and have many R&B lovers excited and for the creator of this debut, Emmavie this has been a something she has waited and taken time to delver us and with the titled Honeymoon, this is going to be a high you wont get out of anytime soon.

Photo by Aiden Harmitt-Williams

This album which was produced solely by Emmavie shows a lot of her ‘in her feels’ moments and definitely sticks with the concept of the album every beat giving a type of infectious energy.

Not shy to to experiment with sounds, doing things she has been inspired by in some of her favourite times of music we get to hear her interpret that in her own way.

The singles we got in the lead up to this let us enjoy the album early and still will have you listening back to classics she has which include one of her fan favourites ‘I Hope We Never Break Up’ which features Ego Ella May and her most recent ones High off this, Distraction , Stop The tape & Burn This House.

This was created on her terms, by her and shows that everything she wanted to do that could be she enjoyed doing it wherever int he world it took her.

She tackles a lot of her emotions and topics that you made her step out of her shell even more and made us understand her more and isn’t scared to talk on what she wants and hows she wants it. Someone that loves love and loves music with the same passion and that has allowed her to give us a 4/5 Certified Stamped debut album. Its one that many should listen to if you are a fan of pure R&B.

However you listen to your music make sure you listen and appreciate.

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