[Stream X Review] Exciting New 808INK Album Hungry!

808INK are a big deal you know! The combination of two talented and exciting energies have just given us a great album.

The Rising Stars have a unique and distinctive sound, with previous album releases such as Billy’s Home and An Artistic Piece. Their latest Album Release Hungry is making waves across the music scene. Things are only getting better for the crew who announced an up and coming show at KOKO Camden on the 2nd December. EPIC!

‘If You’re Hungry slogan and social media campaign #Eat Well, which is very clever and playful!

Hungry is a 13 track Album featuring artists Sam Wise; Kahila Bakosi; Ideh; JD; Reid and Daniel OG


We tell you what we though about the first few tracks and you have to stream and listen to it yourself and enjoy the menu in full!

The first song and intro to Hungry is titled Dream’s kitchen, Dream’s Kitchen is an introduction into the sound of the album, it gives you a snippet insight into the journey of the Sounds of 808Ink. From the guitar to the drums, raps and enticing lyricism. A line from the song ‘Success is my favourite cuisine’ great and clever play on words.

45 With Sam Wise, Classic old school Hip Hop beat, the sound is energetic and reminiscent of the 90’s flow of New York Hip Hop, but 808ink’s distinctive London Swag.

The beat is Bananas! Energetic! The Instrumental is crazy and bouncy! Lyrically playful and very London! The chorus is catchy but still very hip hop. Their rap style is very futuristic, their use of sounds and echoes whilst rapping is very clever, giving the song a lot of character. The beat starts off very harsh but towards the end it slows down and softens.

Huni Yo, Another crazy Beat and Instrumental! Huni YO is very different from your typical UK Hip Hop sound, very futuristic, 808Ink’s rhythm and flow on this song is incredible! The song is very seductive and flirty nonetheless with a gangster flow. I would describe it as a sexual gangster vibe. The beat has a lot of elements, old school hip hop, bounce, very electric! The beat takes over your Soul! Bananas!

I Just Wanna, doesn’t disappoint with the Beat, the chorus is very catchy, a great sing-along.  The sound resembles elements of trap soul, the new wave of Hip Hop. Extremely Flirty and seductive, despite it being sexual it remains very hip hop. It is a bit softer to digest than the other songs, especially for the ladies. Very much a Club record, lyrically very flirty and very current, the language used during the sexual descriptions its very 2016!

Jeep Cherokee, very different style of Hip Hop, love it! Reminiscent of an Old-school LA sound, very catchy and very new for UK Hip Hop artists. The Lyrics, The Beat & Instrumental once again must be described as Bananas! The rapping, tone of voice and Emphasis on certain words bring something different and unique to the song.

Dssy, the word itself is a euphemism for lady bits! The use of Sound effects gives the song a lot of Life! The beat is slow yet deep, dope instrumental which is flirtatious, sassy and sexual. Lyrically sensual and seductive, as you get a depiction of various sexual encounters graphically described, it allows your imagination to run wild. Dssy is very straight forward and raw, it does not leave anything to the imagination! Both the Instrumental and sound effects are dope!

HUNGRY is A concoction of Extremely exciting and explosive beats and instrumentals that will have your Soul Hoping out of your chest. 808Ink’s Talent is unquestionable, their sound is very Futuristic, Unique, Original and progressive! HUNGRY is a very well put together project, every Song is Dope, Hungry is on REPEAT!!  The Album is Banana! Great album!

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