[Stream x Review] Franklyn – Archives EP

Welcome back Franklyn, taking time away from music and touching different avenues he retunes to a scene where genres never existed when he started music and with the variety of music streaming out of the UK his first full release on digital streaming platforms, he took it very seriously and he gave us an exquisite project in archives and its only fair we review a project from someone we hold in high regard as lyrical.

Photography by Elishama Udorok

The Hackney rapper will have you perplexed at why you slept on him previously. As well as being that type of rapper he is a youth worker and journalist which shows his dedication to the culture runs deep for real. This EP he has titled Archives is produced by him except for one ‘who Franklyn is’ which is by Alfa Mist. The 5 tracks were written and recored between 2013-2015 which shows you the music is timeless.

About two minutes into ‘Humble Beginnings’ Franklyn expresses ‘I could name so many man i’m better than’ the confidence that eludes from this statement, you believe him and if you don’t you certainly will by the end of the project which is packed with high level calibre quality. But thats not it, its deeper than just the lyrics because the content is just as good. He is rapping about the real.

‘A13’ is a personal favourite. its a soulful outro, with deep commentary on the life of a young black man in London. ‘Seems we don’t mind being in chains as long as the pendant swings’ having grown up in East London and directly working with the youth he is able to tell you real stories and the thought process that many fall victim to in today’s climate.

The UK scene needs to take notice of the talent we have in Franklyn. As he states, he aims to ‘combine music, journalism and activism to challenge assumptions and stereotypes and makes as much social change as possible’. In regards to his artistry in Archives its some of the best music i’ve heard in 2019 it will without a doubt make our end of year list. Its gets a Certified 4.5 out of 5 stamps from me. Don’t sleep and listen to this

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