[Stream x Review] Frenzy – Murder Mile

This is Frenzy’s debut album and since we received personality a while back his intentions for his music has been purposeful, his community inspired him and the stories surrounding where he grew up. Along with his family and the support he gives to others, when a title like Murder Mile came up it was very tense because if you are from his area you are fully aware of the things happening but if you aren’ the artist and community activist in him wanted you to understand what he is subject to and one thing he is very proud of is that you can trap the body but cannot trap the mind and his mind has taken him to this point, being able to give you this body of work.

If you aren’t aware by now Frenzy delivers his music with a huge aura of confidence and understanding of how it will delivered, however this one is added with a sense of thought provoking activism that you will understand as you go thorough the tracks.

Quick skits on why that mile is called murder mile and teaching you about what goes on outside his window as he records.

With singles we have already heard, added with songs where he has decided to test his musical creativity such as Go and Shimmy Yay and its a key reason why most of the project has just him on the track.

We do get features from Kadiata, Sam Wise, Knucks & Careless and we do get light sultry tones from Jamilah Barry somewhere in there so keep an ear out for that.

To dedicate your debut album to where you are from and whats going there and what he was subject to from people passing to people going to prison and people just coming out and the cycles continue, Frenzy shows that you can and should break the cycle as its on that affects way further that just that mile and raises a talking point no only in the part of the city he is from but the country as a whole and his album is solid and receives 3.5/5 Certified Stamps and if the rumour that this is Frenzy’s last project he has given you knowledge in the coolest way possible and future generations can learn from this record.

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