[Stream x Review] House of Pharaohs – The Fix

Whenever we talk about House of Pharaohs the key word at all times it energy! They bring a high level of it into anything they do and now have given us their second project and his time its an EP  titled The fix, and with five tracks they make sure that the small dosage you do get is all you need!

Photo by FotoFela

The collection of songs has the team going verse for verse from track one, to show you that diverse styles and its heard throughout as they all flex all throughout without compromising a line.

One thing you notice is that they aren’t too many hooks or choruses in this EP which is rare because it would be the part the listeners will normally register to but its the way they all blend into each others verses and staying in pocket makes you listen to the whole song to find your favourite and most cheeky lyrics out of the track.

We got Take Flight pre release and we knew that it was going to an energetic project. They did switch up the style a bit with their song Hold up showing a production style that is quite familiar these days but never compromise  style. They know how to flex and a track like Wrist Work is a clear example of that. Also catchy anthems like Hundreds was a great way to end the project because it makes you want to go and search for more of their tracks.

Watch wrist work here


3.5/5 Certified Stars – it was a great concept and even EP name as the collective come in numbers everytime and once you do get a fix you listen to House of Pharaohs in that unique way. They did try something different in each track and all stayed in pocket well. The team show unity throughout every track and make sure everyone puts their best foot forward. If you rock with this now imagine what happens when its live and they have the place jumping!

Listen to the project in full and enjoy the fix.




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