[Stream x Review] House of Pharaohs x Nyge – Seasons

House of Pharoahs team up with Nyge to let us know it’s their season with a brand new EP.
HOP season is back in full affect! After several members spent the past year releasing their own solo singles, the team have reunited to release their long-awaited follow up EP to their previous ‘The Fix’ this time they’ve collaborated with one of the UK’s most consistent and talented producers, Nyge.
All members of HOP have the ability to do their thing solo as was shown with the singles and videos they put out, but when they’re all together that’s when they make their best music. The 5 track EP in comparison to their last effort is really a completely different vibe and sounds like new direction they’re heading in. 

House of Pharaohs have always had the ability to make straight bangers and that is evident in tracks such as ‘Magic City’ which is essentially an ANTHEM in which each member comes through so nicely on a Nyge beat that is destined to turn up motives throughout the summer when it’s heard. ‘Keep The Telly On’ also deserves a mention for the production and the catchiness of the verses each Member dropped. 

If you didn’t know about the house watch this documentary:

t’s no secret that the House Of Pharaohs are one of the most talented groups coming out of the country and every release makes it clearer. We hope that the boys can use this collab EP to eventually release a new full-length project because the streets have been waiting for it! Their attempts to produce something that sounds and feels different to the beat selection, verses and hooks show the improvements HOP have made as artists. Nyge produced some otherworldly beats and really deserves respect on his name as one of the UK’s BEST. Seasons gets a Certified 3.5/5 Certified Stamps and shout as it broke the laptop the project it was reviewed on.

Check out SEASONS and let us know what you think 

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