[Stream x Review] IAMDDB – SWERVVVVV.5

The courageous Manchester native, IAMDDB has finally released her much anticipated new volume she has titled Swervvvvv.5.

Photo by Haris Nukem

Bold and fearless are few words to describe her unique fusion of multiple sounds like trap, hip-hop, jazz and soul, which has captivated her audience since inception. This project is a complementary extension of her early catalogue and encompasses’ all that makes her IAMDDB the eccentric creative.
Not saying much and letting the music say all she had to do was let us know it was coming, we got a single and the rest was a wrap!

Seven calming yet distinctive songs, accompanied by multiple intro, outro & interludes.  The interludes feature her distinctive manny accent which is a nice personal touch by the songstress.

4/5 Certified Stamps
Integrated sounds and production! A cohesive project that you can listen to in diverse surroundings. IAMDDB has created the ultimate chill EP!

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