[Stream x Review] ItsNate – More to Come & Lots to Do EP

OgaSlocal himself ItsNate, has decided that his first project of 2018 was going to be an EP of tracks to get you warmed up for a year of great and with all the singles he gave last year to have a full product for the listeners you will understand the hip hop mind and how he has embedded his lifestyle in his verses and the title really shows that its only a beginning from Slocal as the team truly have everything from the music to the business in order.

Photography by AFEEZ

With only five tracks you get to digest the flow and style pattern of ItsNate and his music takes him everywhere from Cornwall to Dubai he has been able to get away from the bad weather here and enjoy the world and also been able to push his mantra wherever he touches and many people may just be appreciative of that lifestyle and Flight Pattern is a slick intro because you never know where he may have written these verses!

The only feature outside of the Slocal team is Taliwhoah and you can appreciate her R&B vocal verse in My Ways as she talks on the mediocre being in the way of the true greatness and also the line slow progress is better than no progress and its a topic many can discuss.

We got Show Me previous to the full project drop and it was the real vibe from start to finish and got to hear more vocals from ItsNate encouraged by Footsteps and we get the first of two laid back and cool CR Blacks verses.

Humble was a more of a reminder that they don’t need to flex but they could really be if they wanted to and we get a rare verse from Chennessy talking that talk to end the track and another cool calm and collected CR Blacks verse and this one you can truly hear the power in the word flexing and this one will stick with you

A way to end a project is to reflect and he does this with Sweet Dreams and compared the early stages to now and truly people may have changed up on him but he has always stayed focused and now its his links in his bio they are clicking on and always comes forward in a position of strength.

Certified Stamps 4/5

Truly a hip hop EP and with powerful statements all throughout, a nice warm up project with great flow, features and production from Flyo & Footsteps & made the project a very personal but a teachable project and when you see the progress Gang socks know that they are a testament to slocal growing from the ground up and he has started the Slocal project roll out very strong

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