[Stream x Review] J Hus – Common Sense

The Time has come, the self-proclaimed ugliest and one of the most talked about artists in 2017 has finally given us his debut album and let’s be clear there is nobody like J Hus!

Getting a message from a good friend to take in this freestyle from this young kid and he stated that this guy is going to do some great things and with one of the most different sounds to come from music this alum truly is a testament to that and if not his new deal with Epic records also adds to the many accolades already this man has achieved in the year.

Lets talk about this album properly because its like he said he found a lane only he can be in so lets take in what him and his team had put together!

Common Sense – The lead and title track and one it hit everyone’s excitement for this album triple and hearing the Compozers┬ábringing the live music element really brought the J Hus sound to a new level and with Jae5 on production you know that the combination was going to make a classic!

Songs like Bouff Daddy, Goodies and Fisherman was to show you that he can easily create a catchy hook and have fun with it and on the play on puff daddy as you know J Hus will be leaning and bopping with everyone on this one.

With songs like Leave Me & spirit allowing him to free frustrations and all that he has been silent about he address it clearly!

He of course made sure he catered to the women with tracks like closed doors and like your style and Sweet Cheeks and the tracks showing that there are benefits to focusing on the music with many singing along when it gets played.

With features from Mo Stack twice, Mist, Burna Boy & Tiggs the author and the compozers playing a huge part the dance and bounce elements in the album truly has you bouncing and moving nonstop and all made sure it never lost the essence once.

With the lead up singles already showing is that this album was going to be different and something we truly were in for a surprise when we got this, so much so that he signed a deal with Epic records just before the album landed.

He truly gained a lot of inspiration from classic 50 cent’s live music element, and melodic rap flow and drum sounds and was able to find his lane and have fun while Jae5 continues to push his talents further.

We knew this year was going be huge for him and this album should be a huge milestone in his career and a testament to an artist that have truly embraced his African heritage and him growing up in London and now solidifying his sound truly, he has definitely bill a zoot than an empire and UK music took a shift with the entrance of Hus!


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