[Stream x Review] Jacob Banks – Village

His name is Jacob Banks and he sings songs and from the first time he told us when he made his appearance on our Words to the rise series and but now that statement can be expanded and we are saying this; His name is Jacob Banks and he makes music for the world to enjoy whatever you are doing.

Photo by Grace Rivera

From him touching city to city across the globe to being the standout voice being the soundtrack to some of your favourite shows, games and movies, Jacob has humbly but a state of focus in his music and make sure that we always invoke an emotion when listening to this debut album and regardless of the emotion, it comes with quality and power and it was clear that he wanted to push his effort as this is definitely a huge milestone in his life.

Watch the video for Slow up here:

From favourites he has sung across the world such as Chainsmoking to Duets with like-minded great artists in Kumbaya featuring Bibi Bourelly, songs that will be stuck in your heard because of the infectious production like Mexico and will ring in your hear even upbeat let down songs like Prosecco and uplifting songs for home in Keeps Me Going. There is a song for anyone,¬†that’s facts and it’s not easy to accomplish that and for something so universally appreciated and with him ready to set out on another tour his supporters will be truly appreciate to hear him live once again displaying these songs.

From the first time you heard him till now, the confidence in his voice has grown with each release and has mad sure that he is embedded in great moment in different types of entertainment and shows how important he is as an a UK artist showcasing his talent across the world and deserves all the support and success he has brought. Village is an album full of emotive and powerful stories told by Jabob Banks and it maybe from his personal account or something he has seen but its something powerful and passionate and acclaimed a 4.5/5 Certified Stamps

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