[Stream x Review] Jay Prince – Late Summers

Jay Prince releases his latest project, titled Late Summers.

Late Summers is an 11 track Album which features UK risers Avelino, Shakka amongst other artist such as Fabienne, Mahalia, Amine and Axlfolie.

This album combines sound influences from both the UK and the US. Melodically, you’re preview to the different profound and popular sounds of Hip Hop and R&B from both sides of the pond throughout the album.

The rap styles from Jay himself and his collaborations are enticing! Lyrically and vocally, from the great vocals, to the rap styles which flow epic over the beat. Allowing your you ears to indulge and get lost by the different sounds and voices of all the talented artists involved with the project.

Late Summers if filled with a concoction of instrumental and beats! Its electrifying, soothing, passionate and energetic, there’s a pretty much a song for every mood and practically everyone!

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