[Stream x Review] JGrrey – Ugh

Once JGrrey got in full stride it was evident that her music was going to travel, and as she is traveling with it and making sure that fans of her constantly enjoy the music she creates we get the second project of the year and she has titled it ‘Ugh’.

Photography by Oliver Cargill

She tells us that Ugh can mean anything and the five tracks definitely show different moods of that in each one. The lead single we got from her was dreaming fool and that airy type sound was a great way to set the tone for this project and when you see with the titles you can put Ugh in front of each to get a mood the track will put you in.

Watch the for Keeps video

A song like Half Full to motivate you to have a positive outlook on handling things, to Don’t come for me where shows she isn’t impressed by the materialistic and especially if you aren’t making the moves yourself.

Even the way she talks about happiness in a form of a guy was a very creative flip.

This concentrated project by her definitely shows her growth in self belief, fanbase, song selection and its been a 2019 that has put here in the eyes of so many and a 4/5 Certified Stamped project is a great way to wrap the year up.

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