[Stream x Review] Jords – After The Ends

This EP is a true representation of his coming of age story as Jords and this EP After the ends is him understanding his role as an artist and a man in his family and utilising this dream to the full and taking it in his stride with every project we have got up to this point.

The EP shows him talking boss moves, the way the music is sounding from his view, family, women and achieving goals and how the journey has been a true boy to a man reflection.

Coming out the gate taking that talk in Tek Time it was apparent that the point was to be made early. Showing people have been lazy with their music with Ez to the point where he is even using flows you get always and showing them that it’s just the Ez work.

It’s always good to hear Thea Gajic on a Jords project as its something that has been a fixture and something to appreciate and it was nice to hear tones from Rebecca Garton also as the Calm After the Storm shows how relaxing their amazing voices can be.

He gets to flex on the women in 15.12.17 and we already got a video to appreciate the track also.

Red Wine Flow was a true sentimental piece having a conversation with his grandmother and what she would want for Christmas and no matter what you can see that he is doing its always to make sure the family are good and never for the hype.


Certified Stamps: 3.5/5

This is a great EP and it does shows that growth and a message to artists to get through this journey in a better position in order to be the best version of themselves and when the light is on you, you use it properly

This project is available wherever you like to enjoy your music

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